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Custom boat fender covers
"Another job tackled recently was to replace the fender covers. I had previously bought some from Australia and they had faded badly and looked, to be perfectly honest rather less than they should. With multiple websites loaded I managed to finally work out what cover sizes I required and went about finding a company capable of doing the job. The Australian company with whom I placed the original order were not answering their phone or emails so I decided to look further afield. Surely there was a company out there who produced a quality product.

One site after another all seemed to lead to cheap Chinese fender cover manufacturers and while the price point was attractive the covers were not. Pendana deserved better! Then all of a sudden I came across Maine Coast Marine Products and a very helpful chap who went out of his way to make sure the sizing was spot on. Basically he knew more about my fenders than I did in about two minutes of chatting. Maine Coast Marine only use Polartec polar fleece which is all hand-crafted in Maine. Run by locals, owned by locals this American company simply did everything right...

...Don’t usually have so many fenders out but this is post Tsunami preparation and have yet to remove a few of them. When they look this pretty would be a shame to hide them!"
- James,



"Our new covers arrived today and we are now nicely covering our old fenders. They were so beautiful and well designed we're sick that we had not bought them a long time ago. The new owners of the Molly Blossom will enjoy them. - Thank you!" Betsy & Martin, Florida

All too often businesses hear only the complaints, and not the praise when it's due. Well..... the fender covers look awsome! Our customer will be thrilled! Thank you again for the quick service!" - Ted, Falmouth, MA

Have a great weekend!"You guys are the best!!!!!! I always refer people to you. Thanks so much." - Pam, Antioch IL

"... Unbelievable customer service and turn around time. I look forward to wearing these out over the next few years.
Thanks for all your help and communication..."
- John T., Miami, FL.

"I received my fender covers today and just wanted to pass along my satisfaction. You do great work, they are beautiful and I will recommend them to my fellow boaters. You also are a pleasure to do business with."
- Jim L., Islamorada, FL.

"...I told people of your great website and top notch professional touch. With it being so late in the season, we had a hard time
finding the right size fenders, but made due. Might order them from you - I will be in touch.
I SO appreciated receiving my order in time for the boat show. Thank you again (worked with Cory) for making it happen!
I have attached a couple photos (below). Dottie is a 1936 Chris Craft utility boat, complete with the steering wheel in the middle as it was originally. Thanks again!"
- Kathy F., Spokane, Washington

Fender Covers Boat Mats

"Last week I ordered 4 boat fenders and 1 mat. they arrived 3 days later. Incredible! Such perfect quality too.
Can I please order another mat...."
- David H., Texas

"...I'm writing to thank you for the fender covers and the deck mat. Everything is perfect and it was delivered very quickly. I am very happy with the way the order turned out and being in Hawaii we're not used to getting shipments right away, and yours was extremely prompt. Thanks again and aloha."
- Capt. Paul R., Hawaii

"The fender covers just arrived and they look amazing. Can’t wait to get to the boat to put them on! Thanks very much for everything, it was a real pleasure to deal with you. I will recommend your company to anyone who asks where I got my beautiful fender covers…and they will!"
- Maureen, Ontario Canada

"Attached is your fleece fender covers...we are the talk of the dock..." (photo below)
- Rick V., Dowell, Maryland

Fleece Fender Covers




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